The new free app, to keep your workforce safe and distanced


Imagine everyone in your organisation can return to the office and be safely social distanced. With minimum upheaval, no cost, and complete peace of mind. Work | Space is a new, free app that is tackling the back-to-work challenges post lockdown and revolutionising the office of the future.

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Putting employees in control of social distancing

Using proven Bluetooth technology, Work | Space uses your work mobile devices to put control directly in the hands of your employees. When the app detects a user is within 2 metres of another user, it prompts the user to try to increase their distance, so hopefully adjusting their behaviour so as to be within Government guidelines. Work | Space also provides daily reports to encourage workers to think and behave differently in the workplace.

No data issues – and complete confidence

Your workers can use the app safe in the knowledge that their data is safe. Work | Space operates in a fully anonymous way, with no personal information or location data stored centrally, or with a third-party supplier. This means that the Work | Space app is fully anonymous. Operation is through Bluetooth and all data is contained within the phone. No personal information is stored centrally, or on the cloud. This protects the identity of each user and will allay the data sharing concerns of your workforce.


Keeping your business running

Work | Space is designed for enterprise-wide deployments and works via your enterprise's existing mobile device management (MDM) platform. It allows you to provide an organisation-wide solution for your employees. At a time when employees need the tools to help them stay safe, Work | Space follows current government guidelines on social distancing to allow employees to self regulate.

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When our Mobile Research & Development team recognised the need for a safe social distancing app for workspaces across the world, we realised there was a simple app-based way to achieve this safely and effectively. Within weeks we developed Work | Space, a free mobile app to help organisations to adapt to the back-to-work challenges post lockdown.